We are getting ready to celebrate San Giuseppe on March 19th. San Giuseppe is the father of Jesus, so in Italy this day corresponds also to Father’s Day!

Also this year, unfortunately, we will celebrate at home as restaurants are still closed, but this gives me an opportunity to bake at home one of my favorite desserts and to share with you my first recipe. Get ready to make Zeppole with me!


Zeppole are fried or baked donuts, topped with custard cream and wild cherries. I prefer the baked version because I believe it is easier to make at home. Here is what you will need - you can save the image to have your shopping list ready to go!

As usual, you can find most ingredients here on BellaItalia, but for fresh ingredients, such as eggs and milk, my suggestion is to buy them as fresh as possible from a local market near you!

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Let’s get baking!

Melt the butter and slowly mix it with the rest of the ingredients for the choux dough. I like to use a pastry bag to create perfect-shaped donuts on a baking tin lined with parchment paper.
Preheat the oven at 400 degrees F (220° C) and bake the Zeppole for about 30 minutes.

For a perfect Custard Cream, add the Vanilla essence to the cold milk and heat it until it boils. In another bowl mix the egg yolks, sugar and cornflour. Slowly add the hot milk to the eggs and then bring the cream back on the cooker.

Keep stirring the cream and let it boil until it reaches the perfect consistency. Then let it cool completely.

I am ready to assemble my Zeppole. I cut them in half and add a layer of cream in the middle of each donut, as well as on top. I sprinkle them with powdered sugar and finally, I add the wild cherries to decorate the Zeppole.

My Tips and Tricks:

Rice starch is a good alternative to cornflour to create a super smooth cream.

My secret touch: I like to add a lemon peel to the custard cream. I carefully wash a lemon and peel it trying to get only the yellow part. I add the lemon peel to the cream as it cooks and remove it when it cools. This adds an incredible aroma to my cream!

If you are in a hurry, the Pane Angeli Custard Cream is an amazing alternative to create a perfect cream in 5 minutes!

And here they are, ready to enjoy celebrating Father’s Day!