About BellaItalia Food Store


CHAPTER 1 -  ...where it all started

Hello and welcome! My name is Laura and I’m 41 years old, I’m married and mother of two beautiful sons, Giacomo & Christian. 

I was born in the States, but I grew up in a little town in southern Italy. When I was eighteen I moved to Rome where I studied to became a lawyer, back in my home town I decided to help my mother in a wonderful and exciting project: open a little typical Italian restaurant after restyling an old house in our old town center.

Togheter with my mom and my sister Angelica we ran the restaurant for 7 years, cooking the best authentic Italian food. We had not so much room so it was like cooking at home for relatives or friends. People always fell in love with our food and often they asked us if we could give them recipes and cooking suggestions. We got passionate about food and started thinking bigger....


CHAPTER 2.....unlocking the potentials

In the summer of 2012 we decided to try something new and more amazing: provide the most high quality Italian products all over Europe, letting all the Italian food lovers have an authentic Italian food experience at home.

So we set up a web site gathering up on it all the Italian products we like better, the ones that Italians use everyday to cook for their families and friends, both handcrafted products and commercial ones.

We thought it would be fantastic if people could make grocery shopping as they were in Italy!

It was a great success! As time went on we had more and more requests everyday, from the Italians living abroad in Europe who missed the product they were used to have in the kitchen to all those who couldn't wait to taste again the special treat they had while visiting Italy for a vacation.


CHAPTER 3  - ….the big change!

In 2014 we opened our webstore to the American market and I decided to move back in the States with my family and start a new business: importing and distributing amazing lines of Italian delicacies!

Now we have headquarters in Italy where my sister Angelica is still living and in New York where I live. This connection allow us to be a valuable partner to our customers in getting what they need, nothing is hard to find for us!

What was our first wish has now become reality: make your food shopping as you were in Italy!


Laura D'Amico

BellaItalia Food Store Team