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  1. Cianciullo - Taralli Caserecci (400 gr / 14,10 Oz)
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“Finire a tarallucci e vino” - Ending things with taralli and wine


This Italian saying is used sometimes to say that things, especially political matters, were resolved in a simplistic way, maybe with some shady agreements, but it can also be used to indicate that a fight or complicated situation was resolved with a friendly and happy solution referencing the convivial nature of sharing some tarallini and a glass of wine.

You may have noticed that there is a great choice of taralli on BellaItalia and this is only to be expected since they have been around in Italy since 1400. The origin of these delicious savory snacks is lost in legends, as is the origin of their name, but it is certain that they became very popular, especially in the south of Italy in the regions of Puglia and Campania, and this is where most of the variations we love today were born.

How to choose the perfect Taralli for you:

Let’s start with size: Taralli are bigger and are a tasty and crunchy substitute for breadsticks and bread on the table. Tarallini are smaller and perfect for aperitivo.

The Classic: Taralli Caserecci by Cianciullo is where you want to start. Perfect in a bread basket on the table, they go with every meal.

A light snack: Scaldatelli or Sottili della Nonna are perfect for a quick salty snack on the go. Grab one and enjoy this crunchy masterpiece. We love the fennel seeds addition but if you are not a fan of fennel keep reading: we have something for you too…

The king of Taralli: Taralli Intrecciati won’t make you miss fresh bread. They are the biggest taralli and are perfect to keep in your pantry for those days when you don’t have fresh bread: they are always perfectly crunchy and will look good on any table!

We had to have the best offer of Italian tarallini because we know aperitivo is such an important ritual! With the classic, you can never go wrong, but you can try out also the wholewheat or corn options to see what you prefer and then… go crazy with flavors: fennel, black pepper, chili pepper and our “pizza taste” tarallini will make your aperitif unforgettable.