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    BBD 08-28-2024 - Balconi - Dark Chocolate Mix Max Sweet Snack (320gr)
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    BBD 08-28-2024 - Balconi - Mini Tiramisu (280gr)
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    BBD 12-31-2024 - Di Iorio - Truffle Pistachio Flavoured (180gr)
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    Pavesi - Gocciole Chocolate (500 gr)
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Items 1-32 of 314

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The Italian Breakfast is served!

Our selection of Classic Italian Cookies and Sweets will not disappoint: we started from the basics offering all the traditional cookies from our youth and expanded the selection to include the newest recipes and artisanal sweets made following ancient recipes.

All the Mulino Bianco Classics are here: from Tarallucci, the rustic cookie perfect to be dipped into milk, to Abbracci, the double taste masterpiece that truly makes everyone happy! That is not all...we love chocolate so we made sure to include the iconic Baiocchi, filled with creamy chocolate, Batticuori, the heart-shaped cookies that make our Italian breakfast always special and, of course, Pandistelle! Pandistelle are perfect alone, with milk or coffee but can also be used as a base for an amazing Cheesecake or for an original Tiramisu!

It’s true, Mulino Bianco is a guarantee but the offer in Italy is so ample that we could not stop there and added some special products as well: fragrant wafers, Ringo Biscuits and the delicious Grisbì.

Moreover, one of our exclusive producers is Cianciullo. In their laboratory, Cianciullo’s master chefs are still using the traditional recipes and following ancient methods to create jam-filled Panzerotti, traditional White wine Cookies, Almond Sweets and so much more!

The Italian Breakfast is served also thanks to our amazing selection of soft sponge cakes sweets: Ferrero and Balconi are our go-to brands when it comes to satisfying a sudden sugar craving and their sweet snacks never dissappoint!

We grew up with Fiesta and Kinder Brios, as well as Rollino Nocciola and Balconi’s Mini Tiramisu.

This section will tempt you more than any other, and we are working on making it even more tempting by adding also Italian Candies and Italian Chocolates!