La Molisana - Extra-fine 00 Flour - 1Kg – 2.2lb

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The extra-fine 00 wheat flour ofLa Molisana is made from 100% Italian wheat; directly from Molise, a small Italian region, where the ideal conditions for preserving and processing the best wheat grains still exist. 

This flour is characterized by a light and very fine consistency and by absolute simplicity which allows you to create a multitude of soft and fragrant goods. Excellent for baking (if combined with the re-milled durum wheat semolina dough), this is a versatile flour that allows you to range from sweet to savory, ideal for baking long-leavening products such as panettone and brioches. Chose this flour for a smooth and resistant dough, for tasty crepes, for battering food and for thickening sauces without creating lumps. 

A product that should always be in your pantry for the small miracles you perform in the kitchen, an expression of the passion and ambition ofLa Molisana and its products characterized by the highest quality standards.

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