In this Blog we already shared a bit of our story. As you know Laura and her family came back to the US in 2014 and founded Bella Italia here with the mission of bringing the best Italian food anywhere in the world.

Our strong Italian roots are what distinguishes us: the rest of our family, which still lives in Italy, helps us everyday scouting the best artisanal producers and finding new products to add to our offer.

This is why today we want to officially introduce Federica, Laura’s younger sister and our expert when it comes to trying new recipes and experimenting with traditional ingredients.


Federica's Portrait for Bella Italia


Federica will share her recipes with us as well as bringing us along to discover Italian culinary traditions and the secrets of our exceptionally rich cooking books!

In the past year, we were not able to travel to Italy like we usually do, so being able to cook with Federica and discover what she was kneading that day was a way of feeling closer to home. We know we can count on her for tips and tricks to realize any recipe, so we decided to start sharing her secrets with all of you. We hope you will love this new Category in our Blog and decide to follow us on this culinary trip to Italy!


Let’s meet Federica!


Federica studied fashion design in Italy, she loves drawing and painting and she is our family’s tastemaker when it comes to decorating our houses, but her innate talent for cooking is what made her passionate about the Bella Italia adventure!

Her creativity is a key element of her secret recipes: she always surprises us with unexpected twists and intuitions to personalize traditional recipes from our Nonna’s book. And let’s be honest: hers are the most beautifully decorated desserts we have ever seen!

some of Federica's recipes

She cannot go one day without kneading something, and especially in the last year, she spent more time in the kitchen than all of us combined. Laura’s sons, Giacomo and Christian, only trust their aunt Tetè’s recipes and so we are very happy to start sharing them on our Blog and discover what you think of them as well!

Most ingredients Federica uses can be found in our store and the rest should be sourced as fresh as possible to guarantee the best results.


What should we ask her to make for next week’s post?