The secret for a great Italian Aperitivo!

An Aperitif is a drink, usually alcoholic, served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, but for some people, especially in Italy, “Aperitivo” is almost a lifestyle!

For us, this is the perfect excuse to meet friends at a bar and eat some delicious food while also sipping a glass of wine or the king of aperitif cocktails: a Spritz!


But you don’t have to go out to enjoy a great Aperitivo. Spritz became such a popular cocktail also because it is super easy to makeand any barman can get it right, even me!

All you will need is:




Soda (or super sparkling water)

And all the ice cubes you can find!


Now that you have the ingredients fill up a wine glass with ice cubes and then add Aperol and Prosecco in equal parts. Add a splash of soda to finish off your perfect cocktail!


Laura’s Secret for the perfect Aperitivo:

My secret to mixing the perfect Spritz at home is to use some fancy tall balloon glasses and adding a slice of orange to each drink: just like they would do in a nice bar in Italy!



But for us Aperitino is not just a drink: which is the best food to serve for Aperitivo?



Any salty and crunchy snackis perfect! You can keep it light and just serve your Spritz with some chips, or you can turn it into a delicious meal. Next time you have guests over try to set up a table with our spicy Tarallini - black pepper and chili pepper Tarallini by Cianciullo are my favorites! - some Italian vegetables in oil - try the semi dried cherry tomatoesand the hot crushed olives by La Cerignola di una volta for a delicious surprise - and add some cheeses and some sliced Salame, like the ones that we recently added to our offer.


Your Aperitivo is ready and I promise your guests will come back for more!


Check out our selection of Taralli and Savoury Snacks, Salumi and Cheeses and vegetables in oil to start planning your next Aperitivo!