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  1. Tartufi Le Ife - Truffle Sauce Tartufata - 85 gr / 3 Oz
  2. Tartufi Le Ife - Whole Black Truffle 25-30gr / 0,88-1,05 oz
  3. Tartufi Le Ife- Truffle Sauce Tartufata - 480 gr / 16.93 Oz
  4. Tartufi Le Ife - Sicily Salt with Black Truffle - 100 gr / 3.52 Oz
  5. Tartufi Le Ife - Pink Salt from Himalaya with Black Truffle 100 gr / 3.52 Oz
  6. Tartufi Le Ife - Honey with White Truffle 120 gr / 4.23 Oz
  7. Borgo de' Medici - Trio Truffle Dipping Cream & Pestos - 3 x 180gr - 6.30oz

12 Items

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Why Truffles are the treasure of Italian Culinary tradition?


Strictly speaking, a truffle is a fungus. Truffles are usually found underground, near tree roots, and this is where the refined sense of smell of dogs comes in hand. These incredible dogs are trained to locate truffles underground and are the most loyal companions in this modern treasure hunt - and truffles are really a buried treasure when you consider their value: the largest truffle in the world was sold for $61,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in 2014.

There is a reason why truffles are so expensive: to this day they are a wild product, not something you can cultivate or control, and finding them requires highly skilled and trained dogs. It is definitely worth its price!

Le Ife makes it easy for you to enjoy this rare ingredient

Le Ife is a truffle company founded in Capracotta, a small village in the mountains of Molise. Truffles are rare and delicate and, in order to preserve them, Le Ife studied and experimented for years with traditional and innovative methods, reaching the highest standards of quality.

When the fresh truffles reach their laboratory they are selected and separated according to their size and their species. From this moment, every kind of product is processed in a different way: Le Ife’s products are simple to use, can enrich any kind of pasta, eggs and meat dish and are ideal to serve on a gourmet bruschetta.

The Carpaccio of black Truffle or the Whole Black Truffle will transform your simple pasta dishes in an Italian masterpiece. The Honey with White Truffle is perfect in combination with fresh cheeses such as ricotta and the Butter with White Truffle will enhance even the simplest bruschetta.

To discover more and turn your dinner parties in an incredible culinary journey to Italy you just have to try these delicacies and enjoy the taste of authentic Italian truffles!