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  1. Rigoni di Asiago - Nocciolata BIANCA - Organic Hazelnut Spread (250 gr - 8.82 oz)
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  2. Knorr- Classic Stock Cubes (10X10 gr)
  3. Matese - Besciamella (200 ml)

Items 225-256 of 395

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We built the Italian Pantry section of our site thinking about all those ingredients that we simply need every day and could never cook without!

Here you will find everything you need for your Mediterranean Diet to recreate every Italian Dish, with the authentic flavor of your Home!

From the best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the authentic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena: just having these two in your pantry will help you create an infinite number of delicious combinations. But it does not stop here!

We also selected for this section the best Vegetables in Oil, spreads and precious Italian Truffle Products that we love to surprise our guests with for an amazing Italian “Aperitivo”.

We all have super busy lives, so we made sure to include healthy ready-to-eat meals, tuna, legumes and as many options of Italian sauces as we could, to help you fix a quick meal with the best taste in just a couple of minutes!

Last but not least, we are super proud of our growing offer of Italian Spices and Seasonings since we know how important they are to add the secret touch that will make your dishes unique!

To end on a sweet note, don’t forget to check out our Jams, Fruit Preserves and Honey to bring the taste of the Italian sun to your table in every season!