Acetaia Malpighi - Prelibato and Saporoso Gift Box


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This gift box contains two jewels from Malpighi's Collection Line:Prelibato and Saporoso. A treasure of authenticity ready to sublimate your dishes with excellence and superb taste. A gift for those who love remarkable flavors to surprise and captivate the palate: 

Condimento Balsamico Prelibato: it is obtained from the best Trebbiano Modenese grapes, (100% cooked white grape must) which ages for at least 5 years in ash wood barrels.Prelibato is characterized by bittersweet, soft and harmonious taste, delicate perfume, and low acidity. Delicious on fish, caviar and fruit.

Condimento Balsamico Saporoso: this is the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI Dressing obtained from the cooked must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes produced by the Malpighi family and aged at least 6 years in fine oak barrels. Soft and full-bodied,Saporoso is very versatile and will enrich all types of vegetables, cooked or grilled, and your roast meats.

The white box includes the expert’s suggestions on some tasting ideas and houses the two glass bottles which create a perfect chromatic contrast between the crystalline tone ofPrelibato and the marked tone ofSaporoso. A gift of Italian taste and a true symphony of flavors!

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