Sanpellegrino - Sanbitter Aperitivo Analcolico - non alcholic red bitter aperitif - 10 x 100 ml


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Sanpellegrino - Sanbitter is a historic non-alcoholic aperitif, an authentically Italian drink with an inimitable flavor. 

A sapient mix of citrus extracts, spices and herbs is at the base of the secret recipe of this soft drink dedicated to lovers of a sparkling and full taste. Without the addition of alcohol, characteristic for its bitter aftertaste and delicately fruity notes, Sanpellegrino - Sanbitter colors your Happy hours with red and cheerfulness. 

Sanbitter lights up carefree and convivial moments with friends and pairs well with savory and captivating snacks. Perfect to be mixed, Sanbitter is also a basic ingredient for imaginative cocktails such as the "Sunset", a cocktail that celebrates the colors of Italian sunsets made with Sanbittèr, white vermouth and a dash of soda. 

With Sanbitter you bring home an icon of quality Italian aperitifs and you will always have a good reason to toast!

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