Riso Magno CARNAROLI 1Kg


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The grain is long, with pearled colour and the taste is slightly sweet. The germ is located in the brown extremity of the grain and usually features only in the brown varieties whereas it is always present in our grains.

Thanks to the old technique of stone whitening, the germ remains located in the same place, inside the grain. This methodology allows all our rice varieties to keep the organoleptic properties of the wholegrain one.

This procedure ensures the exclusiveness of a totally genuine product because we avoid the further step that removes the germ and reincorporate it in a second time.

Under the name of Carnaroli, other varieties of the same product category can be traded (for example Carnise, Keope). The criteria of classification respond to the product shape and sizes and not to the substance (this is for industrial market reasons).  Riso Magno 100% Carnaroli ensures high quality. Even if you have always eaten Carnaroli, you will easily tell the difference in the flavor and cooking.

Cooking Time
16 minutes for boiled rice
18 minutes for risotto

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