Crodino Aperitivo Analcolico - non alcholic bitter aperitif - 10 x 100 ml


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"The blond non-alcoholic drink that drives the world crazy" - So goes the famous Italian commercial! 

Crodino is the most famous non-alcoholic aperitif in Italy, irresistible in taste and iconic for its sparkling color. The recipe is secret but we can reveal that it is an infusion, made with expertly blended ingredients, which rests up to six months to reach the right ripeness and that slightly bitter flavor. 

Crodino is a must for happy hours or for a non-alcoholic toast with friends: every sip brings you the taste of Italian summers with its intriguing citrus and fruity notes and a pleasant and sparkling feeling. An added value to your tasting? Pour Crodino in a large glass filled with ice and add a slice of orange. Enjoy it with a selection of our Tarallini di Cianciullo: a mix of freshness, color and fragrant goodness!

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