Riso Magno VENERE 500 gr


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Riso Venere is a wholegrain black variety, also known as “Italian black rice”. Because of his name (that recalls the Ancient Greek Goddess Venus) was labelled as the “love rice”with alleged aphrodisiac properties.

The black colour is completely natural deriving from the plant pigments and indicates the presence of antioxidant substances in the grains coating. Since a long time it has been cultivated in the Pianura Padana, precisely in the area between Vercelli and Novara. It is very rich in fibers and micro minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, selenium, and manganese that are essential for the metabolism of the human body and vitamins.

The Black Venere rice is naturally aromatic and gluten-free allowing our oganism to get proteins and carbs.

Its unmistakable aroma enhances any seasoning, vegetables and side dishes. Like all brown-rice, Venere is rich in character and can accompany different entrees, or it can be consumed as “natural” only seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Venere black rice is suitable for many preparations: it blends easily with the fish, especially shellfish (shrimps, tropical prawn, etc…). It’s great with black or red caviar, oysters and Champagne.

Cooking Time
40-45 minutes in boiling water
25-30 minutes in the pressure cooker

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BrandRiso Magno
93% of 100
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