Riso Magno CARNAROLI Integrale 1Kg


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Thanks to the limited processing of this variety, Carnaroli brown maintains all the nutritional properties that otherwise would go lost at the end of the complete procedure.

In order to transform our rough grains that are still covered with skin (woody and hard coating) only one further step is needed: the milling. This is a unique passage to let our 100% Carnaroli brown grow.

The grain’s colour is hazelnut brown because is still coated with chaff and flour which bring the real added value to our rice.

Brown rice is the ideal meal for children because of its nutritional properties that  promote growth. It is also indicated for sportsmen and those on supervised diets thanks to high the digestibility and richness of vegetable fiber that help decrease the appetite. This is the reason why expert nutritionists are more and more giving value to this rice to set healthy and proper eating habits.

Cooking Time
40 min. boiled
20 min. pressure cooker

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