Divella - Briotti con Panna e Cacao (400 gr - 14.11 oz)


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Briotti are shortbread biscuits with delicate fresh cream and cocoa, included in the Divella "Fantasie del Mattino" - Morning Daydream - line. A shortbread that combines the delicacy of cream with the intense aroma of chocolate, ideal for a sweet as well as healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

Briotti are delicious, crumbly, simple, perfect also to be served at tea time. The light and dark chromatic circle of cream and cocoa hides a light and harmonious taste that contains all the pleasure of eating healthy. Divella selects only the best Italian raw materials to make quality foods that will add flavor to your diet. Briotti are made with the best wheat flour, fresh eggs and without the addition of palm oil, to guarantee authenticity and excellence. 

In a single biscuit two delicious flavors: an inviting combination of balance and sweetness!

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