The Christmas Holidays may be over but we still have some Pandoro and Panettone left. I love our artisanal products and would hate to see them go to waste, so here is a super simple recipe that I like to make after the holidays to enjoy these delicious cakes!

Chop the nougat in small crumbs, you don’t need it to be super fine for this step.

In a bowl, with the help of an electric mixer, mix the crushed nougat, mascarpone and icing sugar.

In a second bowl whip the cream, and add it slowly with movements from the bottom up to the mascarpone mixture. The cream is ready!

Cut the pandoro into 2 cm thick slices and add between each slice a layer of cream (You can help yourself with a sac à poche - a pastry bag) finish with a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top.

I created this dessert as single portions mini cakes, but you could also assemble the layers in an ice cream serving bowl to create a simple spoon dessert.

My tips: 

  • I made this recipe with some leftover Pandoro but Panettone would be good too!
  • If you use a cream that has already been sweetened, it is not necessary to add icing sugar to the mascarpone cream.
  • In order for the cream to whip well, it must be very cold!

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