Polenta is considered the queen of winter foods, but who said we cannot enjoy it all year? Especially after a long day spent in nature, maybe hunting for fresh delicious mushrooms, this dish is exactly what we needed!

After the cold rainy winter, the first hot days of spring are the perfect time to hunt for wild mushrooms: the yellow-orange heads of “Galletti” mushrooms start to peak from under the fallen leaves of last autumn.

Galletti - little roosters - is another name of the Chanterelle mushrooms, let’s see how we can create a delicious recipe from these simple ingredients!

Ingredients for 4:

1 cup Cornmeal
3 cups cold Water
Coarse Salt to taste
5 tablespoons Olive Oil


½ kg of Chanterelle Mushrooms
Parsley  and Garlic to taste
Olive Oil 

To make the polenta: 

Pour the water into a large pan, add salt and olive oil, slowly add the flour, mix, and turn on the stove. The secret to not creating lumps is to pour the flour into cold water and warm the mixture slowly.

Keep stirring without stopping so the polenta does not stick to the bottom of the pan. It's ready when the consistency is smooth and no longer grainy! 

Cooking the mushrooms:

Clean the mushrooms, add some salt and cook them in a pan in their water.
When the water from the Chanterelles has evaporated add the extra virgin olive oil, fry a little and mix adding parsley and garlic to taste.

Create the dish with a base of Polenta and add the delicious mushrooms on top! 


I would enjoy this with a glass of red wine, and to make it even more rich, add just a slice of truffle or some truffle sauce!


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