Another sunny summer weekend here in Italy meant that we could visit my dear friend Elisa in Campodipietra.

Campodipietra is a small village in Molise and Elisa opened here a holiday farm called Terra e Sapori - land and tastes. As an Agritourism she produces most of the food that she offers in her restaurant: she is an expert cook and an authority when it comes to traditional recipes! In the land surrounding the restaurant, she has so many fruit trees including one of my favorite early summer fruits: Cherries!

Italian amarene cherries


Elisa was so kind to host us and let us pick some cherries to make my own Cherry Jam: I can’t wait to share this super simple recipe with you! Ready? You only need 3 ingredients!


I love making fresh fruit jams: The recipe is so simple and it allows us to preserve these delicious summer fruits so that not a single cherry is wasted:

1. We hand-picked our Cherries and once we got home we washed them and cut the cherries in half to remove the stone until I obtained one kg of pulp.

2. I then mixed in a pan the cherries with 1 bag of Fruttapec 2:1 and 500 g of sugar. I put it on the stove and slowly mixing the compost I brought it to a boil. I let the jam boil for 3 minutes over high heat, always stirring.

3. I removed the pot from the heat and kept stirring for 1 minute, letting the foam dissolve. I then poured the compost while still boiling into sterilized jars. Closed the lids tightly and let the jars cool upside down.

4. Your homemade Cherry Jam is ready to be enjoyed or preserved! I love spreading it on some crunchy Fette Biscottate Mulino Bianco for a healthy and nutritious breakfast!


How would you use this Jam?