Being Italian means that we eat pasta almost every day, and yet we are never bored of it. This is because we have so many recipes and variations that it is never the same!

For tonight I made this simple Pasta Salad perfect for Autumn and I thought I could share the recipe since it is super easy to make and incredibly tasty!


Here are the ingredients for 4 people:


First, in a bowl mix some extra virgin olive oil with oregano, pepper, chili and garlic (chopped or whole) and let it marinate.

Wash the broccoli, cut them to remove the hardest parts and place them in a wok with a little water, cover with the lid and let it cook.

If they get too dry, add more water and continue cooking until the desired consistency is reached: I toasted mine just a little. Finally, add salt and a drizzle of raw oil and set aside.

ingredients for Pasta Salad

It’s time to cook the pasta, drain it and pass it under cold water to prevent it from softening too much. Add a little of the oil we previously marinated, so that it does not stick.

Cut the anchovies and the sun-dried tomatoes into strips and add them to the pasta together with the broccoli.

Finish by seasoning each dish with the marinated oil: the Pasta Salad is ready!

Pasta salad with anchovies