Acetaia Malpighi - Balsamo Gift Box (6 pieces)


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This gift box contains 6 precious dressings, expression of all the tradition, elegance and taste of Acetaia Malpighi. A gift of colors and fragrances to surprise you with a mix of sensorial balances dedicated to lovers of innovative cuisine. A bouquet of aromas that conquers the palate and will make your dishes unforgettable:

Fig Balsam -Balsamo di Fichi: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI combined with juicy figs from Southern Italy. A product with an intriguing September scent, an intense brown color and a density of 1.30. Try this exquisite elixir in combination with cheeses, white meats, figs, melon and caramelized fruits.

Orange Dressing -Balsamo di Arancia: tasty balsamic dressing with orange extract; a perfect combination of the best Sicilian oranges and Malpighi White Condiment. A fruity, tasty and delicate balm, ideal in small drops on both fresh and aged cheeses. Excellent on all types of fish and mollusks, on fresh fruit and, if you like to dare, on ice cream.

Saffron Dressing - Condimento allo Zafferano: this dressing is obtained from the excellent acetified must of Malpighi white grapes, flavored with the infusion of the best saffron. The sensational perfume and the intense and aromatic flavor give sour and sugary notes at the same time, enhancing risotto, pasta, fish dishes, but also fresh fruit salads. A versatile, precious and refined balm.

Mint Dressing -Condimento alla Menta: excellent acetified white grape must combined with syrup and natural mint extract. A versatile dressing that combines traditional smells and flavors to enhance the taste of dishes with a touch of originality. The mint dressing is exceptional with cheeses, fruit and fish carpaccio. For those who like to dare, Malpighi also recommends adding two drops of this condiment to a fresh Mojito to obtain a cocktail with a glacial taste!

Apple Dressing -Condimento alla Mela: the excellent acetified white grape must, which follows a long aging process in small ash barrels, is masterfully combined with apple concentrate, made from first choice Italian apples. The intense, fruity, unusual flavor and deep and brilliant color make this dressing ideal with cheeses, salads, roasts and white meats.

Vanilla Dressing - Condimento alla Vaniglia: the Malpighi dressing made from white grape must acetified and flavored by infusion with the best selection of vanilla sticks. A versatile dressing suitable for fresh fruit, fruit salads, spoon desserts, sorbets and pastries. A warm and floral scent that enriches the dishes with that note of sweetness typical of vanilla.

This box is a precious and refined gift, which masterfully celebrates the excellence of Made in Italy!

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